Tom Kinsella’s march

Also known as The Gorey March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Kinsella's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc |:B>A Bc dG Bd |eG ce d2 g>f |e>f ge dB GE |A2 AB A2 dc |
B>A Bc dG Bd |eG ce d2 g>f |(3:2:1e(3:2:1f(3:2:1g d>B cA FD |1 G2 GF G2 dc :|2 G2 GF G2 ef ||
|:gd Bd eG ce |d>e dB G3 B |Ad fa ge ^ce |d>^c de/d/ =cA FD |
B>A Bc dG Bd |eG ce d2 g>f |(3:2:1e(3:2:1f(3:2:1g d>B cA FD |1 G2 GF G2 ef :|2 G2 GF G4 ||
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Tom Kinsella’s March

Yes, this is a march not a reel! but a nice march with a real catchy feel to it … a march you might play and not tire of. I picked it up down at Comhaltas branch in Gorey and the tune was written, I believe by a local man a good many years ago. It’s in the local repetoire. Not sure if the part of the tune with the efg triplets really sounds right on this ABC file. You will have to play around with the timing a bit to get the tune to flow here.

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Have just played it , albeit on the piano, but it flows nicely. I like it very much. Will now need to look for another to go with it. Any ideas out there??

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Feels more like a hornpipe to me the way it is written. What makes this a March and not a hornpipe??

The way it’s played locally is as a march, albeit one with a good bit of swing.

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