One recording of
Am Faighir Muileach
The Four Province Fling

Am Faighir Muileach (strathspey) is also known as Far Am Bi Na Faireachan, The Four Provinces Highland Fling, Kielder Schottische, The Lad Wi The Plaidie, The Lad Wi’ The Plaidie, The Lad With The Pladie, Laddie W’ Th’ Plaidie, Laddie Wi’ The Plaidie, The Laddie Wi’ The Plaidie, Laddie With The Plaidie, The Laddie With The Plaidie, Mull Fair, Rose Amang The Heather, The Rose Amang The Heather, Rose Among The Heather, The Rose Among The Heather, Rose Amongst The Heather, The Rose Amongst The Heather.

The Four Province Fling (hornpipe) is also known as The Drummer, The Four Province Highland, The Four Province, The Four Provinces Fling, The Four Provinces Highland Fling, The Four Provinces Highland, The Four Provinces, The Piper O’ Dundee.

Four/4 by Kirsten Allstaff

  1. The Laddie Wi The Pladdie
  2. The Four Province Fling
  3. The Watchmaker