Five recordings of Hunting The Hare

Also known as Dawns Gwyl Ifan, Hela’r Sgwarnog, Hela’r Sgyfarnog, Hela’r Sqwarnog, The Hunt Of The Hare, Hunt The Hare, St. John’s Eve Dance.

This tune has been recorded together with Dever The Dancer, The Fox Chase, Hunting The Squirrel, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, Sir Phillip McHugh, Willie Clancy’s.

  1. Crasdant: Welsh Traditional Music by Crasdant
  2. Now by Ciaran Somers and Nicolas Quemener
  3. Orlando’s Return by John Kirkpatrick
  4. Pedlar’s Pack by Johnny Doherty
  5. Warming Up by Martin Mulhaire, Séamus Connolly and Jack Coen with Felix Dolan