Left-handed reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Left-handed
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d3 A B2 AF|DFAF GEEA|d3 A B2 Ad|Bdeg fdec|
d3 A B2 AF|DFAF GEEA|dcdA B2 Ad|Bdeg fddc||
dfaf bfaf|dfaf geef|dfaf bfaf|gfeg fdd2|
dfaf bfaf|dfaf geeg|fdec dBAF|DFAd f2 ec||
[D3d3] A B2 AF|DFAF GE[EA]A|~d3 A B2 Ad|(3Bcd eg fdec|
d2 fd BdAF|DFAF GE[EA]A|d/d/c dA B2 Ad|Bdeg fd{e}dc||
d2 f/g/a bfaf|dfaf geef|dfaf bfaf|gfeg fdd2|
Adfa (3ba^g af|dfaf geeg|fdec dBAF|DFAd fg{a}fe||
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Four comments

The Left-handed Reel

I learned this single reel from the playing of fiddler Gerry O’Connor on his Journeyman cd. It may be the same tune as Chips and Shavings, posted here: https://thesession.org/tunes/3392.

I like what Gerry does with the simple melody, the little bridges he builds in to keep the tune moving when you expect a part to end on a quarter note.

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Wow, how on earth did you manage to make the connection?

Ah, grasshopper, when one is one with the tune universe, all things are clear.

Sigh…I wish I was that musical. No…before I posted this tune, I did an advanced search for DFAF GEE (left off the last note because I figured it’s just a pick up note for the next bar and could vary widely), and Chips and Shavings came right up. It’s interesting that C&S goes down to the G where Left-handed lands on B, and I like Gerry’s second half.

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