The Chatanooga Choo-choon reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Chatanooga Choo-choon
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3d^c=c |: Bc ^cd2d ef | (3gag gd ed2^d | ed BA2B c^c | dB GE cA FE |
Bc ^cd2d ef | (3gag gd ed d^d | ed BA2B c^c |1 dB A2 G2 (3d^c=c :|2 dB A2 G2 (3Bc^c ||
|: dB GD cA FD | GA Bd2^c (3ded | dB GD cA FD | G2 D2 B2 d2 |
(3gag fg ec2e | (3fgf ef dB GA | (3^A=A^A A=A GA (3^A=A^A |
[1 ^Ac A=A2B c^c :|2 ^Ac A=A2d (3d^c=c | dB GE cA (3E=F^F | G4 g4 ||

Four comments

The Chatanooga Choo-choon

I was just having a bit of fun with Glen Miller’s famous hit - by turning it into a reel.

One more tee for the choon…

What fun—thanks!

I grew up about 90 minutes’ drive from that city, which usually uses one more T than you gave it—Chattanooga.



Excellent stuff - great idea - any plans for any more tunes in this style? We always find that people appreciate music more when it is some way familiar. Most of the irish stuff we play sounds a little bit samey for audience and stuff like this will go down well