One recording of
Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s
Art O’Keeffe’s

Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s (barndance) is also known as Cuz Teehan’s, Deireadh Fomhair, Frank Thornton, Frank Thornton’s, Frank Thornton’s Highland, Kerry Fling, Teahan’s Highland, Teehan’s, Teehan’s Highland, Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan’s, Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s Favourite, Terry Teahan’s, Terry Teehan’s, Terry Teehan’s Highland Fling.

Art O’Keeffe’s (slide) is also known as Art O’Keefe’s, Danny Ab’s.

Tunes For Practice by Seamus Creagh

  1. Art O’Keeffe’s
  2. Cuz Teehan’s
  3. Going To The Well For Water