Jim Coleman’s reel

By Jim Coleman

Also known as Jim Coleman, Seamus Tansey’s.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Jim Coleman's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
BAeA BAeA|B~E3 ~G3A|BAeA (3Bcd ef|gedB BA A2|
BAeA BAeA|B~E3 ~G3B|A2eA fAef|gedB BA A2||
e~a3 agaf|gedB GABd|e~a3 agaf|gedB BA A2|
e~a3 agaf|gedB GABd|e~A3 f~A3|gedB BA A2||
X: 2
T: Jim Coleman's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
BAeA BAeA|BAED ~G3B|A2 AF G2 ef|gedB BA (3Bcd||
ez zg agef|gedB G2 B/c/d|e ~a3 a2 ba|gedB BA A2|
a2 ab agef|gedB G2 B/c/d|e~A3 f~A3|gedB BA A2||
X: 3
T: Jim Coleman's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
BAeA BAeA|BEE2 GBdB|BAeA Bdea|gedB BAAc|
BAeA Bged|BEEE G3B|AGEF GBef|1 gedB BAAc:|2 gedB BAAd||
eaa2 b2ab|gedB GABd|eaae gabg|gedB BAAe|
a3e a2ea|gedB GABd|eAA2 egag|1 gedB BAAd:|2 gedB BAAc||
X: 4
T: Jim Coleman's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
AGdG AGdc|A~D3 FAcA|AGdG Acde|fdcA AG G2|
AGdG Afdc|A~D3 F2FA|GFDE F2de|fdcA AG G2||
d~g3 afgf|fdcA FGAc|dggd fgaf|fdcA AG G2|
g2dg g2ga|fdcA F2Ac|dGAG dfgf|fdcA AG G2||

Twenty-two comments

I’ve learnt this tune from the great flute player Harry Bradley, but it is also played by Dervish in their set "Jim Coleman’s". I don’t its title, so if you know, please inform me.

Jim Coleman’s

According to the sleeve notes of Dervish’s "At the End of the Day" this tune was composed by Jim Coleman, brother of Micheal Coleman.

Jim Coleman

There’s a strange Irish/Scottish thing where someone says "oh he’s very good at…" And the other person will say "yeah but, you should have heard his brother"/cousin/sister - they were much better.
This other person is usually someone you have no chance of actually getting to hear so you’ll never be able to say "oh i heard him and I didn’t think he was as good".
I am reliably told that Jim was the brother that stayed home when Michael left for the USA and that he was the really talented one. Such a pity there’s no recordings available.

Jim Coleman’s on Harry Bradley’s "As I Carelessly Did Stray…" is a hornpipe, not this reel. I just remember Paddy O’Brien, James Kelly, and Daithi Sproule recorded a fantastic version of this reel. Thanks for posting it.

I’m now wondering what Jim Coleman played. I guess he was a flute player.

You are right saying that on Bradley’s cd it’s a hornpipe, but I meant that Harry Bradley taught it me. Yes, really lovely reel!

Jim Coleman was also a fiddler.

Lovely reel , Thanks for posting it.

Dervish’s version

X: 1
T:Jim Coleman’s
C:Jim Coleman’s
BAeA BAeA | BAED ~G3A | BAeA BAef | gedB BA Az |
BAeA BAeA | BAED ~G3B | A2 AF G2 ef | gedB BA (3Bcd ||
ez zg agef | gedB G2 B/2c/2d | e ~a3 a2 ba | gedB BA A2 |
a2 ab agef | gedB G2 B/2c/2d | e~A3 f~A3 | gedB BA A2 ||

In the Dervish recording "Live in Palma," on disc 2, Jim Coleman’s is the name given to the set, but there is another tune in the set. Does anybody know the name of the last tune in the set, which is in a major key?

A bit of research shows Jim Coleman also played flute. "…a wonderful tale about Michael Coleman and his brother Jim, recounted by Jim Donoghue who played as a flute duet with Jim Coleman for some years…" (from http://www.irishmusicreview.com/coleman.htm)

New setting

Added a (rough) transcription of C. NicGabhann’s version from her (brilliant) solo album.

Caitlin is playing c naturals, not c sharps. And even if you play them as sharps, they’re just pickup notes for the repeat or the next section, and aren’t important enough to change the mode from Dorian to Mixolydian. Otherwise, a nice transcription. And it is a brilliant album.

Edited. Thanks Gary, I was too focused on getting the dots correct, and modes aren’t my strongest suit.

Jolly Tinker !

Hi ,im new to this session. Hope im posting at the right place.
Is anybody please able to help me get the Sheet music for Jolly Tinker to play them on the Bagpipes !
Im a beginner player and i really want to learn to play this tune .

Any help will be appreciated thanks so much! 🙂

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Re: Jim Coleman’s

Can anyone tell me the name of the tune following Jim Coleman’s in Dervish’s Jim Coleman’s set?

Re: Jim Coleman’s

I’ve always thought that in their duet, Jim Donoghue played flute and Jim Coleman played fiddle. I admit I do not know my source for that, and I could easily be wrong.

As for this seeming like a flute tune — according to irishtune.info, the earliest known recording of it is from Seamus Tansey, which would seem to mean the likely line of transmission is Jim Coleman to Jim Donoghue to Seamus Tansey, right? I would think going through two such idiosyncratic flute players would be likely to put a strong flute stamp on any tune…

Re: Jim Coleman’s

Following on from posts above from 13 years ago, Seamus Tansey devotes 12 pages to Jim Coleman in the second of his "Bardic Apostles…." books. No mention at all of him ever playing flute, only fiddle.

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Re: Jim Coleman’s

The version on Brian Rooney’s "The Godfather" is fantastic, as well as being the first version I’d heard of this tune. I like to play it on fiddle in open (AEAE) tuning, as is often done with Foxhunter’s Reel. This tune and Matt Peoples’, the Ador one, actually sound great played this way.