The Rambles Of Mike jig

By Carl Hession

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Really like this jig from Carl Hessian and found on Andy Morrow and Tony O’Connell with Arty McGlynn. Great album..

Are you saying Hessian wrote the jig?

Hession, isn’t he?

Yep, Thats what it says on the CD cover note. And yes it is Hession. Enjoy it anyway.

great tune ..Thanks..
I found though that in the last bar of the third part makes more sense to have: Add cde:|2Add cAG
instead of Gdd cde:|2Gdd cAG.
Hope am right…

i meant last bar of the second part…. : D

1st part

On the album, the first part is twice as long as here.

Agree with TiTor

I agree with TiTor. On the O’Connell/Morrow recording the first note in both the 1st and 2nd endings of the second part is A rather than G. Well, actually the notes are Bb because they’re playing the jig in Ab, but you know what I mean - transpose it to the key published here and the notes are A.

Re: The Rambles Of Mike

This is also on Joanna Clare’s CD “To Keep the Candle Burning.”