Dancin’ Nancy mazurka

Also known as Dancin’ Antsy.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Dancin' Nancy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D|:G2 GA B/A/G|A2 AB cA|G^F GA Bc|d2 g2 d2|
ec ec eg|ge dB AG|1 AD ^FA d^c|d^c de dB:|2 AD ^FA dF|G2 G2||
gf|:e2 ec eg|ge dB AG|AD ^FA d^c|d^c de dB|
e2 ec eg|ge dB AG|1 AD ^FA dF|G2 G2:|2 AD ^FA d^c|d^c de d||
X: 2
T: Dancin' Nancy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D|:G2 GA B/A/G|A2 AB cA|GF GA Bc|d2 g2 d2|
ec ec eg|ge dB AG|1 AD FA d^c|d^c de dB:|2 AD FA dF|G2 G2||
gf|:e2 ec eg|ge dB AG|AD FA d^c|d^c de dB|
e2 ec eg|ge dB AG|1 AD FA c/B/A|G2 G2:|2 AD FA d^c|d^c de d||
X: 3
T: Dancin' Nancy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
F|:B2 Bc d/c/B|c2 cd ec|B^A Bc de|f2 b2 f2|
ge ge gb|bg fd cB|1 cF ^Ac f^e|f^e fg fd:|2 cF ^Ac fA|B2 B2||
ba|:g2 ge gb|bg fd cB|cF ^Ac f^e|f^e fg fd|
g2 ge gb|bg fd cB|1 cF ^Ac fA|B2 B2:|2 cF ^Ac f^e|f^e fg f||
X: 4
T: Dancin' Nancy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E|:A2 AB c/B/A|B2 Bc dB|A^G AB cd|e2 a2 e2|
fd fd fa|af ec BA|1 BE ^GB e^d|e^d ef ec:|2 BE ^GB eG|A2 A2||
ag|:f2 fd fa|af ec BA|BE ^GB e^d|e^d ef ec|
f2 fd fa|af ec BA|1 BE ^GB eG|A2 A2:|2 BE ^GB e^d|e^d ef e||
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X: 5
T: Dancin' Nancy
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B|:E2 EF G/F/E|F2 FG AF|E^D EF GA|B2 e2 B2|
cA cA ce|ec BG FE|1 FB ^DF BA|BA Bc BG:|2 FB ^DF B^D|E2 E2||
ed|:c2 cA ce|ec BG FE|FB ^DF BA|BA Bc BG|
c2 cA ce|ec BG FE|1 FB ^DF BD|E2 E2:|2 FB ^DF BA|BA Bc B||
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Twenty comments

I was holding onto and dancing with someone a love, a very dear friend, one of our best, in my daydreams the last few days and nights. We started out with a waltz, dancing to ‘Vals fra Boda’. We are both familiar with this tune, having learned and played it together. Then her essence, as it would, pushed things on and further as she wanted to pols, but not just any pols, a slangpols, something she is not particularly good at, tending to be a bit too manic and a bit of a run around in her case, but she was getting better at it the last time we’d danced one. This tune took hold and wouldn’t let go. I also could not shake the second part not wanting to resolve itself. I did end up with other endings, different ways with the second part, different second parts, and even a third and a fourth part, which I may offer late, but the strong insistence by the daydream that it not resolve persists.

This dear friend has terminal cancer, caused from smoking, and it is spreading and growing. I love her very much, and I don’t want it to resolve. My love and respect for her never will. There is so much more I want to share with her… I have not always been kind, and I used to sometimes get downright nasty about her smoking. She was and is stubborn, proof by even her dream-being pushing my gentle waltz in to a slangpols. Somehow that is right too, we did used to get into slang matches now and then. I hope, how ever much of a turd I ever was, she knows and feels the love I have for her.

I have also twisted this into a mazurka, swung, and as a less noty waltz, but the 1 & 3 pulse is insistent, as is Nancy’s spirit wanting to slangpols to it…

I like it ‘c’. I also tried taking all the flats out and playing it in Gmaj, giving it a totally different feel.

Cheers! - Literally, I mean ‘cheers’. It is definitely in a more joyful mood turned that way. I’ll have to see how they slam together. If you haven’t danced the dance yet Mark, it is a kick, a hoot, a lovely madness, with a certain tenderness built into it to. It is about striking a balance, as most dancing is. The cheery nature of the major key fits it also…

Damn, and don’t disown me, I’m listening to Tommy Jackson, fiddler, and it is definitely a change of mood ~ YEE HA!

This is Nancy music…

One natural-sounding way to get round the part endings thing and still keep that sense of cyclic non-resolution would be to have an ending cadence on your *1st* time through the B-part AD FA c/B/A|G2 G2 or whatever, and *then* have that d^c d^c bit after the 2nd time through leading you straight back into the A-part again.

BTW have they finally bullied you into not notating your skip?
*Wry smile*

While the ‘pols/polska’ tend to come with some kind of ‘skip’ built in, not always, as with this and some slangpolskas I’ve been drawn into similarly. This one surrounded and entered into ‘our’ dance without the (>)…

Slangpols - Dow’s take on par deux: AD FA c/B/A

T: Dancin’ Nancy
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: slangpols
K: Gmin
D |: G2 GA B/A/G | A2 AB cA | G^F GA Bc | d2 g2 d2 |
ec ec eg | ge dB AG |1 AD ^FA d^c | d^c de dB :|
2 AD ^FA dF | G2 G2 ||
gf |: e2 ec eg | ge dB AG | AD ^FA d^c | d^c de dB |
e2 ec eg | ge dB AG |1 AD ^FA dF (DOW: AD FA c/B/A) | G2 G2 :|
2 AD ^FA d^c | d^c de d ||

K: Gmaj
D |: G2 GA B/A/G | A2 AB cA | GF GA Bc | d2 g2 d2 |
ec ec eg | ge dB AG |1 AD FA d^c | d^c de dB :|
2 AD FA dF | G2 G2 ||
gf |: e2 ec eg | ge dB AG | AD FA d^c | d^c de dB |
e2 ec eg | ge dB AG |1 AD FA dF (DOW: AD FA c/B/A) | G2 G2 :|
2 AD FA d^c |1 d^c de d ||

Thanks Dow/Mark!


Beautiful, touching, somewhat tragicomic…. I will never smoke….

A just judgement, tragicomedic?! Wise man ‘Slainte’. We’ll have to share a brew over a wake and laugh ourselves to tears. It is strange how in the worst situations sometimes all you can do is laugh, and in my case also make music and dance, and shed some of that saltwiter that makes up most of my existence on this plane… Being C.S.I. about it, I am in every drop…

Just melodramatic enough to wind Nancy up, but I think she’d enjoy it in here heart though she might raise a slight ruckus along with a few bruises on me. I know she’d like the key change…

It’s a shame, I’m obviously too young to play this tune. But I can almost hear you guys playing this tune, ceol.

I don’t believe that. I just lopped this off on a keyless flute and it was a kick. Give it a try slainte, even if it does age you and add a few wrinkles to your playing… ;-P

Slaggin‘ and slangin’ - slang being a popular way for us to slag… Or you could just blame it on my mixlexia… This tune persists in my head so that it sounds too familiar. I haven’t been able yet to chase up a possible associate. If anyone does, let me know. I will return later to contribute at least one slangpols from the tradition, for the craic…

Don’t forget to SWING it…

Nancy liked that pulse and rhythm, and the ABCs above with the mid resolve. Hey, what did I say, she makes me ‘modulate’… ~ with help from Dow/Mark…

Stub that fag our Mark!!!

Stub that fag out Mark! 😛