Two recordings of a tune named
Brendan Tonra’s
With a tune named
The Bride’s Favourite

Brendan Tonra’s (jig) is also known as Brenda Tonra’s, Brendan Tone Rowe’s, Brendan Tonro’s, Carmen’s Amber, Joe O’Dowds, O’Mallies, The Tone Row, Tone Rowe’s, Tone Rowes, Tonra’s, Tonro’s, Tonroe’s, Tony Rowe’s.

The Bride’s Favourite (jig) is also known as The Bride’s Farewell, Bride’s Favorite, The Bride’s Favorite.

Lift by Turlach Boylan

  1. Brendan Tonra’s
  2. McGreavy’s
  3. Bride’s Favourite

Roll Away The Reel World by James Keane

  1. The Bride’s Favourite
  2. Tony Rowe’s
  3. Walsh’s
  4. Nora Crionna