Three recordings of a tune named
Brendan Tonra’s
With a tune named
Willie Coleman’s

Brendan Tonra’s (jig) is also known as Brenda Tonra’s, Brendan Tone Rowe’s, Brendan Tonro’s, Carmen’s Amber, Joe O’Dowds, O’Mallies, The Tone Row, Tone Rowe’s, Tone Rowes, Tonra’s, Tonro’s, Tonroe’s, Tony Rowe’s.

Willie Coleman’s (jig) is also known as The Castleray, Foyne’s, Mice In The Cupboard, The Moate Hunt, Ollie Reilly, Sheep On The Moor, Willie Coleman’s, Willy Coleman’s.

Music From The Coleman Country by Various Artists

  1. Willie Coleman’s
  2. Tone Rowe’s

The Best Of Séamus Tansey by Seamus Tansey

  1. Willie Coleman’s
  2. Tone Rowes

The Nervous Man by Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh

  1. John Maloney’s
  2. Willie Coleman’s
  3. Tonra’s