Mulhare’s reel

Also known as Lavery’s No. 2, Martin Mulhaire’s, Martin Mulhaire’s #9, Mulhaire’s, Mulhaire’s #1, Mulhaire’s No. 1, Mulhaire’s No. 9, Mulhaire’s Petticoat, The Old Thatched House, The Rising Sun.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mulhare's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2BG DGBd|g2fg edBd|e2ef edBG|Ad~d2 fdcA|
G2BG DGBd|g2fg edBd|eccB cBAG|1 AD EF G2(3DEF:|2 (3FED EF GABd||
|:g2bg gdBd|g2fg edBG|Ad~d2 edcd|fdad bdaf|
g2bg gdBd|g2fg edBd|eccB cBAG|1 AD EF GABd:|2 (3FED EF GDEF||

Seven comments

Tune requested by Greg B
Source: Michael Gorman - the sligo champion - cd2
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Cheers !

Actually, I first heard this tune on The Sligo Champion, and thought it worked nicely with Dinny O’Brien’s following… Thanks for transcribing it !

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Good tune. Is it similar to a reel called Rattigan’s?

yes, the A part is similar to Rattigan’s.


This is a composition of Galway native Martin Mulhaire. He’s a great box player who came to the US in 1960 with the Tulla Ceili Band and now lives in Pearl River, New York. His title for it is “The Old Thatched House.” It was recorded as “Mulhaire’s No. 1” by Martin’s brother Brendan’s ceili band.

Screw-up ~

Sorry, I had so many “Mulhaire’s” / “The Old Thatched House” opened that I cut and pasted the above to the wrong ‘comments’. However, it will lead you to another “Mulhaire”…