The Fair Haired Boy jig

Also known as An Buachaillin Ban, The Fair Haired Child, The Fairhaired Boy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Fair Haired Boy
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
EAA EAA|gfg edB|BAB edB|1 BAG A2 G:|2 BAG ABd||
e2 a bag|eaf ged|BAB edB|BAG GED|
e2 a bag|eaf ged|BAB edB|BAG A B/ c/ d|
e2 a bag|eaf ged|BAB edB|BAB GED|
EAA EAA|gfg edB|BAB edB|BAG A3||

Ten comments

Fair-haired boy

I’m fairly sure that I learned this one from the first volume of Ceol Rince na hÉireann - it’s a great tune for concertina.


Sorry everyone, it’s pretty obvious that the last note is bung - it should be down the octave.


I’ve fixed the tune up in the ABC notation - the eighth bar should be different on the first repeat, plus there are a couple of other changes.

You better hope the tune police (Dow) doesn’t come along and find you made a mistake in a tune submission 🙂

No Donough, I actually think she’s done a damn good job, especially for a virgin tune poster, and by that of course I don’t mean a tune poster who’s a virgin, although, I don’t know, it’s none of my business anyway, and I’m digging myself further into this hole so I’ll stop right there. I could nitpick though, and be really geeky and tell KDB how to abbreviate her semiquaver transcription, but I won’t. Hmm, hang on let me think for a moment. I’ve decided I might as well say it cuz I’ve said it now so I have to. Basically, if you ever want to write stuff like A B/2 c/2 d, you can just get away with shorthand: AB/c/d.

Haha I was obviously really drunk when I wrote that last post. Sorry KDB! Anyway, I’ve come here to cross-reference another similar tune that goes by the name of The Fair-haired Boy

Also this tune appeared in the tunebook “Begged Borrowed and Stolen”, which apparently became something of an Aussie session-goers bible after it was first published in 1979. That might explain why it gets an airing occasionally in Aussie sessions, perhaps more often than other places. Go here to see details of the contents:

Kind of like a mixture of liliting banshee and cliffs of moher, with another tune thrown in for the endings

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