Schottis Från Norrbotten barndance

Also known as Lanna-Villes Schottis, Schottis Efter Vifast Björklund, Schottische Fran Norbotten.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Schottis Från Norrbotten
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B|E E/F/ G G/A/|B B/c/ B2|e e/f/ g f|e2 e/B/e/f/|
g f e B/c/|d c B G/A/|B/c/B/A/ G A|B3 e/f/|
g f e B/c/|d c B G/A/|B/c/B/A/ G F|E3:|
|:B|B/G/E/G/ B/G/E/G/|B e d c|B/c/B/A/ G A|B3 B|
B/G/E/G/ B/G/E/G/|B e d c|B/c/B/A/ G F|E3:|
X: 2
T: Schottis Från Norrbotten
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:z/ B2|E2 E>F G2 G>A|B2 B>c B2 G2|e2 e>f g2 f2|e4- e>Be>f|
g2 (3fgf e2 B>c|d2 (3cdc B2 G>A|B>cB>A G2 A2|F4- F>Be>f|
g2 f2 e2 B>c|d2 c2 B2 G>A|B>cB>A G2 F2|E4- E3/2:|
|:d/ ^c>d|B>GE>G B>GE>G|B2 (3efe d2 c2|B>cB>A G2 A2|B4- B>d^c>d|
B>GE>G B>GE>G|B2 e2 (3ded c2|B>cB>A G2 F2|E4- E3/2:|
X: 3
T: Schottis Från Norrbotten
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:A,2|D2 D>E F2 F>G|A2 A>B A4|d2 d>e (3fgf e>f|d4- d>Ad>e|
f2 e2 d2 A>B|c2 B2 A2 F>G|A2 A>G F2 G2|A6 d>e|
f2 e2 d2 A>B|c>dc>B A2 F2|A>BA>G F2 E2|D6:|
|:A2|A>FD>F A>FD>F|A2 d2 c2 B2|A2 A>G F2 G2|A6 A2|
A>FD>F A>FD>F|A2 (3ded c2 (3BcB|A>BA>G F2 E2|D6:|
X: 4
T: Schottis Från Norrbotten
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B,2|E2 EF|G2 GA|B2 Bc|B4|e2 ef|g2 f2|e4|B2ef|g2f2|e2Bc|d2c2|
B2GA|Bc BA|G2A2|(B4|B2)ef|g2f2|e2Bc|d2c2|B2GA|Bc BA|G2F2|(E4|E2):|
|:B2|BG EG|BG EG|B2e2|d2c2|Bc BA|G2A2|(B4|B4)|
BG EG|BG EG|B2e2|d2c2|Bc BA|G2F2|(E4|E2):|
|:ef|g2f2|e2Bc|d2c2|B2GA|Bc BA|G2A2|(B4|B2)ef|
g2f2|e2Bc|d2c2|B2GA|Bc BA|G2F2|(E4|E2):|

Twelve comments

This is a Swedish tune. We play it after one of the E minor Princess Royals. It was aquired at a Hands on Music melodion workshop in Witney (Oxfordshire).

“Schottis från Norbotten”

K: E minor
|: >z B2 |
E2 E>F G G>A | B B>c B2 G2 | e2 e>f g2 f2 | e4- e>Be>f |
g2 (3fgf e2 B>c |d2 (3cdc B2 G>A | B>cB>A G2 A2 | F4- F>Be>f |
g2 f2 e2 B>c |d2 c2 B2 G>A | B>cB>A G2 F2 | E4- E> :|
|: d^c>d |
B>GE>G B>GE>G | B2 (3efe d2 c2 | B>cB>A G2 A2 | B4- B>d^c>d |
B>GE>G B>GE>G | B2 e2 (3ded c2 | B>cB>A G2 F2 | E4- E> :|

K: D minor
A,2 |
D2 D>E F2 F>G | A2 A>B A4 | d2 d>e (3fgf e>f | d4- d>Ad>e |
f2 e2 d2 A>B | c2 B2 A2 F>G | A2 A>G F2 G2 | A6 d>e |
f2 e2 d2 A>B | c>dc>B A2 F2 | A>BA>G F2 E2 | D6 ::
A2 |
A>FD>F A>FD>F | A2 d2 c2 B2 | A2 A>G F2 G2 | A6 A2 |
A>FD>F A>FD>F | A2 (3ded c2 (3BcB | A>BA>G F2 E2 | D6 :|

The Lovely Mountains of Norbotten ~ someday…

It’s just as well I wasn’t making the original submission, I screwed up the first two bars for the version given above in E minor, here they are again in 4/4 and with the swing:

M: 4/4
|: >z B2 |
E2 E>F G2 G>A | B2 B>c B2 G2 | ~

Lite ordning på stavningen -- NoRRbotten.

Lanna-Villes schottis

The “real” name for this tune is Lanna-Villes schottis.
And yes, BTW, Norrbotten is spelled with two RRs.


I have this on a cassette recording “Folksmusicvagen” given to us by a Swedish friend. as far as I can tell from the very scant sleeve notes there are 6 fiddles and 1 guitar on the recording.

Scottis Fran Norboten Polka

This tune is incorrectly linked to a tune simply called Schottische on the CD “Mouthorgan” by Will Atkinson. It is not the same tune

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This tune came from the playing of fiddler Stig Vifast Björklund (1928-1988) who was born in Finland, but lived for much of his life in Överkalix, Norrbotten. He got the tune from his foster father, Lanna-Ville (Lahna-Ville), who was so called because he came from Lahnajärvi, in Norrbotten.

I’ve fixed the problem with the bad link. It should never have been called “Schottische”.

Re: Schottis Från Norrbotten

As someone who likes Swedish music, I was quite surprised to hear this one a while ago at a local session from a melodeonist who normally plays English country dance tunes. We found this one in Em went well with the Nightshirt Schottische in G, which I have posted on this site (q.v.).