Farewell To Ireland waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Farewell To Ireland
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A,4 {CA,G,}A,<C|D<(E E2) {GED}E2|
G<(G G2) {GE}D>G|1 ~B,2 A, ~B,2 A, G,2 B,:|2 ~B,2 A, ~B,2 A, G,<A, B,||
A,4 {CA,G,}A,<C|D<(E E2) {GED}E2|
G<(G G2) {GE}D>G|~B,2 A, ~B,2 A, G,2 g|
e4 {gfe}e<g|g<(a a2) {ba}g a2|
{b}a<g e<g B>d|d>e A2 [A2A2]||

Three comments

Tommy Peoples’s Air

This is the slow air written by Tommy Peoples that he played at the begining of the reel by the same title on the album High Part of the Road.
Took me a few hours to get it just right , but I think there may still be a few mistakes. The way he plays it on the album has hardly any time structure, so take this notation of it with a crap-load of salt. Enjoy.

About the sheet music

Due to the smallness of the sheet music for this tune, having all those grace notes, I would recomend using the ‘Tune-O-Tron: Converter’ at concertina.net.

Repeat bar at 2nd ending

Disregard the repeat bar at the end of the 2nd ending for the first part.