One recording of
Gypsy Princess
Waiting For The Federals

Gypsy Princess (barndance) is also known as The Gypsi Princess, The Gypsy Princess, Gypsy Queen.

Waiting For The Federals (barndance) is also known as Coon Dog, The Federal Hornpipe, Georgia Boys, Get Away From The Federals, Get Out Of The Way Of The Federals, Got A Little Home To Go To, Got No Little Home To Go To, Heel Flies, Hell Among The Yearlin’s, Hell Among The Yearlings, Higher Up The Monkey Climbs, The Higher Up The Monkey Climbs, I’m On My Way To Texas To Eat Cornbread And ‘Lasses, John Hoban’s Polka, Little Home To Go To, Old Raccoon, The Old Raccoon, Raccoon’s Tail, Rock Along John To Kansas, Running From The Federals, Seneca, Seneca Square Dance, The Seneca Square Dance, Seneca War Dance, Shelby’s Mule, Shelby’s Mules, Shoot The Turkey Buzzard.

The Music Makers by Geantrai

  1. The Seneca Square Dance
  2. Waiting For The Federals
  3. The Gypsy Princess