The Sailor’s Jacket reel

Also known as Ballinafad, Casog An Loingseoir, Come To Your Tay.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Sailor's Jacket
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
dfed A3B|(3Bcd ef g2fe|d2ed AGAB|cBcG EDD2:|
d2fd B/c/d fd|c2ec gcec|d2ed B/c/d fd|eaag edd2|
defg afge|cdef g2fg|a2ge fded|eaag edd2|
X: 2
T: The Sailor's Jacket
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
dfec A2AB|cdef gfge|dfec A2AB|cBcG EDD2|
dfec A2AB|cdef ~g2ge|dfec A2AB|cBcG EDD2||
d2fd adfd|c2ec gcec|d2fd adfd|eaag edd^c|
defg afed|cdef g2fg|agfe fddf|eaag edd^c||
X: 3
T: The Sailor's Jacket
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dfec A2 AB|cdef {a}gfge|dfec A2 AB|cBcG TED D2:|
d2 (fd) adfd|c2 (ec) gcec|d2 (fd) adfd|eaTag ed d2|
defg afge|cdef g2 fg|(3agf (3gfe fded|ea{b}ag ed d2||
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Fourteen comments

Source: Traditional Irish Music On Flute And Guitar by Jack And Jimmy Coen
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

My mistake

The first bar of the sheetmusic is wrong. It should be |dfed A3B|

Sailor’s Jacket- Cnat v. Csharp

This is one of those "how it is written" versus "how it is played" discussions.

Paddy O’Brien’s sets and the transcription on the Session have the tune in G, so the C’s are natural. No indications to play C’s as natural. O’Neills show is in D (same notes basically as the G versions), so the C’s are sharped.

My teacher who you never ever want to get into an "obscure tune contest" with (Unbelievable knowledge of tunes and instantaneous recall) uses the Paddy O’Brien sets, but Pencils plays it in D, but pencils in lots of naturals, though in a couple of places, it feels as though a sharp should be natural.

Anyway, what I love about ITM is the adamant devotion to precision that all of the players I come across have….and how they play everything differently, sort of 😉

The C’s in Sailor’s jacket seem to show up in the first and fourth bars. I think that the first bar C’s should be natural and the fourth bar should be sharped. But, what do I know…. I will of course learn it as John has penciled it up for me. I just want to know, since I am planning to travel a bit next year, what I might run into if I play it one way versus the other.

And what is amazing is, for all of the ITM on you tube, from what I have searched, no one has recorded this tune on you tube and posted it!

Any thoughts on this most appreciated.

Re: Sailor’s Jacket- Cnat v. Csharp

second ppg. should be " no indications to play as sharped"

Re: Sailor’s Jacket- Cnat v. Csharp

Who is Pencils?😉
I would definitely not go with O’Neills , it is infamous for errors like that. I find C natural to be my choice throughout…

Re: Sailor’s Jacket- Cnat v. Csharp

converting a noun to a verb….Herself the English teacher would kill me.

C nat… I does make the music sound more interesting. But its nice to resolve on the c # in the last part of the phrase.

Re: Sailor’s Jacket- Cnat v. Csharp

Regardless of whether the Cs are natural, sharp, or mixed, the key is D, not G. Your question is really whether it’s major (two sharps), mixolydian (one sharp), or somewhere in between.

The Sailor’s Jacket (reel)

I would say that "The Sailor’s Jacket" and "McDonough’s" are the same tune. O’Neill’s ‘Dance Music of Ireland’ has the alternative title "Come To Your Tay" (which is what it’s called in ‘Ryan’s Mammoth Collection’), while Mike Rafferty (in his book ‘Second Wind’) calls it "Ballinafad Reel".

The Sailor’s Jacket, X:3

This slightly different version appears in O’Neill’s Dance Music of Ireland - 1001 Gems (1907), p. 112, no. 621, as The Sailor’s Jacket, Casog an Loingseoir.

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