Two recordings of
Billy McCormack’s
Farewell To Ballinahulla

Billy McCormack’s (jig) is also known as Bill McCormack’s, Billy McCormick, Billy McCormick’s, Paddy Cronin’s.

Farewell To Ballinahulla (slide) is also known as Julia McMahon, Julia McMahon’s, New Lesson, The New Lesson, Paddy Cronin’s, Tumbling Down Tady’s Acre.

Farewell To Evening Dances by Colm O'Donnell

  1. The Boys Of Coomanore
  2. Farewell To Ballinahulla
  3. Billy McCormick’s

Sets in Stone by Liam Kelly & Philip Duffy

  1. Julia McMahon’s
  2. Billy McCormick’s
  3. Anthony Frawley’s