The Shining Pool hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Shining Pool
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3ABc|(3def (3edc dBAG|FAEA D2FG|Adcd Bdgf|(3efe (3dcB Agfe|
(3def (3edc dBAG|FAEA D2FG|Adcd Bded|(3cBA (3gfe d2:|
fg|afdf ecAG|FAdf afdc|BggB Affd|(3efe (3dcB A2fg|
afdf ecAG|FAdf afdc|BggB Affd|(3cBA (3gfe d2fg|
afdf ecAG|FAdf afdc|BggB Affd|(3efe (3dcB A2 (3ABc|
(3def (3edc dBAG|FAEA D2FG|Adcd Bded|(3cBA (3gfe d2||
X: 2
T: The Shining Pool
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
ABc|def edc d2B A2G|F2A E2A D3 F2G|A2d c2d B2d g2f|efe dcB A2g f2e|

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The Shining Pool

A hornpipe by my hero Willy Taylor RIP. This bears all the hallmarks of a typical hornpipe of rural Northumberland - the notes are up and down and all over the place, really bright and happy sounding, lots of triplet runs, and those lovely 6th leaps. An example of a hornpipe in a similar style would be something like Will Atkinson’s "Glen Aln Hornpipe" There are a few more Willy Taylor compositions on this database. They are all brilliant - the guy was a genius. I promised ceolachan I’d post this tune, as I knew I had a photocopied handwritten manuscript stuffed away in a cupboard somewhere. ‘c’ I hope you like it because it took me about an hour to find it, and now I’m all hot and bothered!

Swing it

I’ve not transcribed the swing as dotted notes, but this tune wouldn’t work if you played it the way Irish musicians like to play hornpipes these days. Those triplet runs would end up sounding like a jumble of notes. If you don’t swing this one, you’re not playing it properly, simple as that. Don’t dot it, but make it even, flowing and almost slide-like, as if it was in 12/8, like this:

M: 12/8
ABc|def edc d2B A2G|F2A E2A D3 F2G|A2d c2d B2d g2f|efe dcB A2g f2e|…etc.

A beautiful flowing tune Dow, that sounds great at a moderate pace and is easy to play on the whistle . The tips on how to play it are much appreciated.

When I submit hornpipes I put the dots in the abc.The midi just plays it straight,it sounds awful.

Great tune,by the way.

Great tune, Dow! I did it in a show we did a couple of years ago, but when I played it at the session I play at regularly, no-one else knew it. I was nervous playing by myself in that situation, and was very grateful the bodhran player joined in. He was fabulous, he really helped me get into the tune and follow it through for 2 times through, and everyone appreciated it. Now I’d be more confident about playing a solo, partly thanks to this lovely tune.

It’s a really amazing fiddle tune, lends itself to drones and extra triplets if you want them, just play with it and it’ll give you ideas.


Shining pool

Classic late 20th century rural Northumberland. Great stuff.
Angels of the North

Willy Taylor ROCKS!

~ member in good standing of the Willy Taylor fan club…

Willy Taylor’s muse ~ more genius ~

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The Shining Pool

The name may derive from a suggested explanation for a river name. The Aln is a little river running through the Northumberland countryside of Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson et al., and it has been said that its name comes from the old Celtic words "al" ("white") and "aon" ("water"). "Shining pool" or "Shining river" may or may not be accurate interpretations of the earliest name, but they seem good enough to me.

Similarly named is the larger River Allen (with its two major feeders the East Allen and West Allen) which joins the South Tyne near Haydon Bridge.

Re: The Shining Pool

This tune appears in the Alnwick Pipers’ Society Book. The notes say "The Shining Pool was a particularly reflective stretch of water on the Harthope Burn near Skirl Naked. A storm washed it away shortly after the tune was composed". It is played at the Morpeth session followed by Bryce’s Hornpipe which is in the same collection. I believe there might be a copyright issue so I will not contribute Bryce’s Hornpipe. Perhaps someone else might clear that up?