Two recordings of a tune named
Da Foula Reel
With a tune named
Garster’s Dream

Da Foula Reel (jig) is also known as Da Foula, Da Foula Shaalds, Da Shaalds, Da Shaalds O’ Foula, The Shaalds O’ Foula, Shaalds Of Foula.

Garster’s Dream (jig) is also known as Garster’s Dream, Garsters Dream.

Boys Of The Lough by Boys Of The Lough

  1. The Shaalds O’ Foula
  2. Da Fields O’ Foula
  3. Garster’s Dream
  4. Da Brig

Shetland Fiddlers by Various Artists

  1. Shaalds O’ Foula
  2. Garster’s Dream
  3. Da Brig