Passacalle waltz

Also known as Musica Notturna Delle Strade Di Madrid No. 6.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Passacalle
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d ed|:"G" d2 B2 (3ABA|G3 d cd|"C"e2 (3ded c2|
z c Bc de|"D" d2 (3cdc B2|z B cB AG|"G"d2 "D"A4|
z d ^cd ed|"C" =c2 B2 A2|"G"Bc B2 G2|"D"(3ABA "G"G4|
z3 d gd|"C"e2 (3ded c2|z c Bc de|"G"d2 BcAB|GB cB AG|
"D"d2 FG EF|Dd ^cd ed|"C"{d}=c2 B2 A2|"G"BdBG "D"(3ABA|"G" G3 z3:|

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This is the Passacalle from Musica Notturna Delle Strade Di Madrid No. 6, Op. 30 by Luigi Boccherini (1743 – 1805) that was featured at the end of “Master and Commander”. Sort of. In the movie it’s played in F#/Gb but I think I like playing it in G if only because that puts it back into more familiar territory for me.

Hope it’s okay to post this. It’s not Irish or trad but there was a lot of cross-over between Baroque/Classical composers and Irish trad in the past. Pretty lame rationalization maybe. Okay, it’s just plain cool and and I plan on playing it in session. So there ;)

The abc’s are pretty close, but I’m a lot less confident about the chords. Still, they’re an important part of the tune, great fun chunking them out on the fiddle. For anyone not familiar with basic 2-finger mandolin chords G=G,DAe, C=G,Ece and D=A,DAf#

I put this under waltz because of the time signature. It’s probably more of a march than anything. The title means, I think, “Procession of the Night Watch of Madrid"

2-finger chords correction

G chord should be G,DBg. Low to hi: G, string open, D open, B note on A string, g note on e string.

When you strum the chords give them an immediate lift of your fingers and muffle them with the bottom edge of your palm to make them staccato.

I need to see that movie, they also play some Corelli in the movie, correct? I heart the Christmas Concerto!!!

Anywho, if my Italian is still good [Don’t fail me now going on 4 years!!], the title should be Nocturnal Music of the Streets of Madrid.. Unless you’re talking about something different =P Me like. I heart Baroque. I need more!!


Original pitch/key

Is it possible that the pitch used on this tune in the movie reflects the lower standard pitch used around that period? Nice authentic touch if so.

Original pitch

The common tuning was indeed lower than the modern A440 standard. I agree with fidkid that this was a touch of authenticity, because everything else (aside from the lay of the ship’s lines, which would have been extraordinarily expensive to duplicate) was in exacting detail. But I would also recommend trying to play it in F#, because once you get it, it actually comes easier to the hands, and thus it sounds better. Plus, playing in odd keys here and there really makes the song stand out more. (I’m still working on that one myself).

MY question is, how in the world would Jack and Stephen have put up with constantly tuning those instruments, what with the humidity and weather/climate changes acting on those cat-gut strings?!