Paidushko Horo jig

Also known as The Paidushka Rhythm Is In 5/16 Time..

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One setting

X: 1
T: Paidushko Horo
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:A2 GAB|cA d2c|e2 d2e|cB A2G|cA d2c|d2 cBG|A2 GAB|1 cd czB:|2 AE A2z||
|: cA d2c|ed cBG|A2 GAB|cd c2G|Bc d2c|ed cBG|A2 GA2|AE A2z:|
|: A2 GAB|cE B2A|AG AcB|1 G^F E2D:|2 AE A2z||
^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|A2 GAE|AE A2G|
^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|A2 GAE| AE A2G|
^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|A2 GAE|AE A2G|
^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|^AB c2B|c2 B2G|A2 GAE| A2 AGz|
|:[K:Amaj] ce dc_B|A2 e2A|ce dc_B|AE A2A|ce dc_B|A2 e2A|ce dc_B|AE A2z:|
|:e=g g=fe|fe =gfe|e=g e^de|c2 e2e|ga a=gf|fd =gfe|=fe e=de|AE A2z:|
|: eg f^de|c2 e2A|=gf e^de|c2 e2e|eg f^de|c2 e2A|=gf e^de|c2A2z:|
|:df ed=c|B2 f2B|df ed=c|B=A B2B|df ed=c|B2 f2B|df ed=c|B=A B2z:|
|:dA d2c|cA c2B|BE B2A|AE ABc|dA d2c|cA c2B|BE B2A|AE A2z:|
|:cE B2A|d2 A2A|cE B2A|BG A2A|cE B2A|d2 A2A|cE B2A|BG A2z:|
|:F2 G2E|F2 AD2|F2 G2F|FA =FED|F2 G2E|F2 AD2|F2 G2F|FA =FED:|

Four comments

Thanks Jim

Transcribed by Jim Chapman. He transcribed t from the Balkantone 340 album from which Andy Irvine learnt the tune.
Jim was kind enough to send his work on to me.

Paidushko Horo (Andy Irvine): Help with sheet music please!

A chairde,

I’m trying to learn Paidushko Horo at the moment ("Rainy Sundays….", Andy Irvine) I have the timing wired ok in my head, but am having fierce trouble with the sheet music from the tunebook, here: Could anyone who has this recording tell me if the sheetmusic is corect please? Seems like an entirely different tune to me, although I could be wrong……

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Johnny Madra.

It’s not a jig!

The rhythm stipulated in this entry is fundamentally inaccurate: the ‘Paidushko Horo’ is in the paidushka rhythm of 5/16 time [2-3]; in plain words: it’s NOT a jig and it’s NOT in 6/8 time!
It would have been so easy for anyone to do a bit of basic research, or just LISTEN attentively to the tune with an aspiration to LEARN, or even simply to check the sleeve notes to Andy Irvine’s album ‘Rainy Sundays… Windy dreams’ for the time signature, where he says: "This song is in the Paidushka rhythm of 5/16, and it leads into a Paidushko Horo in the same rhythm". Since this is the album that brought this piece to prominence, surely all one had to do is simply pay attention and read the sleeve notes!!!
It’s not difficult, for goodness’ sake! Do your homework; get your facts right!!

My apologies…

I’d like to offer an apology for the rant I posted yesterday (see above); it was uncalled for and I deeply regret being so arrogant, sharp-tongued and insensitive…
I can see that Jim Chapman had in fact added a new line with the correct time signature ("[M:5/8]") and, had I checked the notation score, I would have seen that it provided the correct time signature.
I also opened a new discussion thread, suggesting that the main Bulgarian rhythms be provided as additional options in the "Tune type" drop-down, which was the limitation that prevented Jim Chapman and other contributors from selecting the correct time signatures for several Bulgarian tunes currently documented at this site.
Once again, I apologise most sincerely;