One recording of
Farmers’ Jamboree
The Woodchoppers

Farmers’ Jamboree (jig) is also known as Cape Breton Favorite, Cape Breton Favourite, Cape Breton’s Favorite, Cape Breton’s Favourite, Daisy’s, The Farmer’s Jamboree, Joe Parson’s.

The Woodchoppers (reel) is also known as Le Petit Bucheux, Reel Le B, Woodchopper’s Ball, The Woodchopper’s Ball, Woodchopper’s Breakdown, The Woodchopper’s Breakdown, The Woodchopper’s, Woodchoppers Breakdown.

Dawson's Tumble by Trish Clair-Peck

  1. Farmer’s Jamboree
  2. Woodchopper’s Breakdown