Valley Of Silence reel

Also known as Napoleon At St Helena.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Valley Of Silence
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fdor
G, |: G,2 C>E D^B,C z/E/| E^B,C z/ c/ ^BAG z/ G,/ |
G,2 C>E D^B,C z/ c/ |1 ^B/G/A/^F/ G^B c3 G, :|2 ^B/G/A/^F/ G^B c3 B ||
[B2g2] [Bg]>[Af] [G2e2] [B,2E2B2] | [A,Ec]ccc [B,3E3B3] B, | B,2 CD EGBe | dfaa a3 B |
[B2g2] [Bg]>[Af] [G2e2] [B,2E2B2] | [A,Ec]ccc [B,3E3B3] B, | B,2 CD EFGA | G2 F>E E4 ||
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Valley Of Silence

Again one of J.S. Skinner’s compositions.

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"The Valley of Silence" is where Cu Chulain’s Mistress, Niamh, sent him when he was being pursued by all the witches of Ireland. I always thought this meant "The Silent Valley" in County Down. There is a Reservoir there now.

B natural

That should be a B natural, not a B #