Thirteen recordings of The Greenland Man’s Tune

Also known as Da Greenland Man’s Tune, Da Greenlandman’s Tune, Da Greenlandmans Tune, The Greenland Highland, The Greenland Man’s Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland, Greenland Mans Tune, The Greenlandman’s Tune.

This tune has been recorded together with Da Forfeit O’ Da Ship (a few times), Da Day Dawn (a few times), Green Grow The Rushes (a few times), Barrowburn, The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsey, Faroe Rum, Heave And Go, The J.B., The Lass That Made The Bed For Me, The Merry Boys Of Greenland, Sister Jean, The Trowie Burn.

  1. 4 by Jamie McMenemy
  2. Caravan by Aamos
  3. Ceilidh House Sessions by Various Artists
  4. Different Drummer by Anna Doak, Brandon Vance & Mark Mendonca
  5. Farewell To Ireland by Patrick Mangan
  6. Fire On! by Blazin’ Fiddles
  7. First O’ The Darkenin’ by Chris Stout
  8. Midwinter Live by Boys Of The Lough
  9. Midwinter Night’s Dream by Boys Of The Lough
  10. Nordic Fiddlers Bloc by Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  11. Off the Hook by The Alistair McCulloch Trio
  12. The Day Dawn by Boys Of The Lough
  13. The Piper’s Broken Finger by Boys Of The Lough