One recording of
The Greenland Man’s Tune
The Merry Boys Of Greenland

The Greenland Man’s Tune (hornpipe) is also known as Da Greenland Man’s Tune, Da Greenlandman’s Tune, Da Greenlandmans Tune, The Greenland Highland, The Greenland Man’s Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland Fling, The Greenland Man’s Highland, Greenland Mans Tune, The Greenlandman’s Tune.

The Merry Boys Of Greenland (reel) is also known as Da Merrie Boys Of Greenland, Da Merry Boys A Greenland, Da Merry Boys Of Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys O’ Greenland, Da Mirrie Boys Of Greenland, The Merrie Boys Of Greenland, Merry Boys A’ Greenland, The Mirrie Boys Of Greenland.

Midwinter Live by Boys Of The Lough

  1. The Greenland Man’s Tune
  2. Da Forfit O’ Da Ship
  3. Green Grow Da Rushes
  4. The Merrie Boys Of Greenland