Pottinger’s reel

By Tom Anderson

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Five comments

A great tune written by the late, great, Shetland fiddler and music collector Tom Anderson MBE from Eshaness in Shetland. The tune is named after another late Shetland musician Willie Pottinger. A tune much beloved by Scottish and Cape Breton fiddlers

Pottinger’s (reel)

This is one of my favourite tunes and I regard it as practically perfect in every way. For some reason I hear it without repeats, but now I can’t remember where I first learned it. I’ll need to go back and listen to my Shetland fiddle records and find out!

Pottinger’s (reel)

Also, in the 3rd bar in the B part, I play an F sharp. Mmm.

Flute friendly version in G

X: 1
T: Pottinger’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gmaj
G2Gd BGGf|gagd BGGB|A^GAB cBce|agfe fddB|
G2Gd BGGf|gagd BGGB|cdec BcdB|dcBA BGGf:|
g2dg Bgdg|gbab gddB|eaag a2ab|c’bag fdef|
g2dg Bgdg|gbab gddB|cdec BcdB|dcBA BGGD:|

Great tune. I think I play a G# instead in the 2nd bar of the B part though.