Me’zo Vont Da Besketa Dans Plin barndance

Also known as Dañs Plin, Dañs Plinn, Me‘Zo Vont Da Besketa D’An Tu All Da Bondi.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Me'zo Vont Da Besketa Dans Plin
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E|BB BA/G/ F2 FE|Bd/B/ AG/A/ F2 FE|BB BA/G/ F2 FE|BB cB F2 FE|
B>c BA GF E>F GB|M:3/4

Five comments

Dans plinn

Source: Jean Michel Veillon- E Koad Nizan
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Note: of course, not a berndance

Not really a dans plinn either…

The real name is: “Me‘Zo Vont Da Besketa D’An Tu All Da Bondi.” Jean-Michel recorded it on “E Koad Nizan” which he released in 1993. It is the melody of a “marching song” originally sung by the Goadec Sisters.

A plinn has a decidely different beat.


And looking at it now…
I see you’ve split the measures in the second part. You’re confused by the phrasing. ALL Breton tunes are in even time signatures; it’s just the phrasing that’s sometimes off. The second part should all be written in 4/4. This confused me when I first began my adventure into Breton music.

Not wanting to embarrass anyone, just trying to educate.

Sorry, you won’t educate much with such a peremptory tone and sweeping, inacurate statements, laridee! (or a hint of it?)

I don’t know that much about Breton music, but there are some basics:
to begin with,
1) there are Breton tunes for dancing to and Breton tunes not for dancing to. I wouldn’t use the word ALL here because the ’subject is so huge not even for the dance stuff alone!
2)the tunes (tailored) for dancing don’t have a time signature, they were never intended for pen and paper but for the sound or rebound of feet over the threshing floor… there’s no question of ‘even’ or ‘odd’ here; ask any ceili dancer who know very well that to dance a jig, a reel or a hornpipe, you must ‘indifferently’ ‘count’ 1 2 3 and 1 2 3! 😉
(sorry for being ironical and pedantic myself! -he he!)
3)this here-tune is obviously not made of an even number of beats (41, if true to Veillon’s performance!); isn’t that the very beauty of it? it never ceases to surprise you by veering off or slowind down, still you could march to it alright, letting the stress shift from right to left unexpectedly like butterflies do when they celebrate -in their flight- not having to risk tripping over themselves anymore like caterpillars are proned to do with their many feet (a well known fact!)…
4) just trying to educate 😉

Re: Me’zo Vont Da Besketa Dans Plin

Sorry about that. We’ll go with your ‘feeling’ about Breton music over my 25 years of playing it professionally. Good, That’s settled.