Miss Monaghan reel

Also known as Connacht Lasses, The Green Fields To America, Miss Monaghan’s, Miss Monaghans, Miss Monahan’s, Shannon Shores, Stormy Weather.

There are 121 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Pigeon On The Gate (lots of times), The Flags Of Dublin (a few times) and Hand Me Down The Tackle (a few times).

Miss Monaghan has been added to 610 tunebooks.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Miss Monaghan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: D2ED FAAd | B2BA FABc | d2dB ABde | fede fee2 |
{E}D2ED FAAd | ~B3A FABc | d2dB ABdB | (3AGF EG FDD2 :|
|: faab afdf | gefd edBc | ~d3B ABde | fede fee2 |
faab afdf | g2fd edBc | d2dB ABdB | AFEG FDD2 :|
X: 2
T: Miss Monaghan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: B | Addc d2fd | ABBA BAAB | d2dB ABdf | afde fee2 |
Addc d2fd | ABBA BAAB | d2dB ABdf | afeg fdd :|
|: e | fa~a2 afdf | gefd edBc | d2dB ABdf | afde fee2 |
[1 fa~a2 afdf | gefd edBc | d2dB ABdf | afeg fdd :|
[2 Addc d2fd | ABBA BAAB | d2dB ABdf | afeg fdd ||
X: 3
T: Miss Monaghan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D3G FAAF | G2 BG FABc | dABG FADf | gefd edAG |
FAGE DFAF | G2 BG FABc | dgfa ecdB | AFGE FDDA |
D3G FAAF | G2 BG FABc | dABG FADf | gefd edAG |
FAGE DFAF | G2 BG FABc | dg (3fgf efdB | AFGE FDDg ||
|:faaf afdf | gefd edBc | dABG FADf | gefd edBg |
faaf afdf | gefd edBc | dfea ecdB | AFGE FDDg |
faaf afdf | (3gfe fd edBf | geBg fadf | gefd edBg |
(3fgf af bfaf | gefd edBc | dgfa ecdB | AFGE FDDA ||
|: D3G FADF | GBDE FADA | dABG FADf | gefd edAG |
FAGE DFAF | G2 BG FABc | dgfa ecdB | AFGE FDDg ||
|:fa a2 afdf | gefd edBf | gebg fadf | gefd edBg |
(3fgf af bfaf | gbfg edBc | dgfa ecdB | AFGE FD D2 ||
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Matt Molloy plays this tune extremely fast. It sounds almost as if there are two flutes playing at the same time. That can be heard on "Music at Matt Molloys"

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Matt Molloy plays everything extremely fast…


Huh. Someone calls this the Belles of Tipperary/The New Policeman? Wierd…

Not only this tune but many others have been given obviously mistaken names. How can we deal with the problem?

Well, I think that’s one for Jeremy, and he’s in Miltown at the moment…

A lovely tune this one. I’m learning this right now actually to complete the set Silver Spear/Father Kelly’s/Miss Monaghan. Theres no long rests or breaks in it so you’ve to be alert all the time but its very repetitive so that helps.

definitely goes well with the Silver Spear - i go straight off the end of MM to the beginning of SS.


I Believe that Miss Monaghan isn’t the correct name.
Seamus Ennis played it for his wife who was from Monaghan and She liked it so he called it Miss Monaghan.
People from on knew it as this.
This is one of the Big Seanòs Dancing Tunes.

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Then how do you explain the fact that "Miss Monaghan" is in "O’Neill’s 1001 Gems" - published in 1907, and Seamus Ennis was born in 1912 ?
Also , what’s a "Big Seanos Dancing Tune ? - not a term I’ve come across before, although I am familiar with "Sean Nos" singing.

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Sorry kenny I only heard that.
As for Seanòs Dancing tune here in Ireland the tunes most comonley played for seanòs dancing are e’g Miss Monaghan,Miss McLeods, Sally Gardens,The Foxhunter’s(Reel).

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sorry its called Steip Damhsa Ón Oireachtas 2006

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I know about "sean-nos" dancing too, dinn2, but have never associated it with any particular tunes - these guys will dance to anything , in my experience ! Thanks for your reply and the link. Good luck with the box-playing. That’s a good teacher you’ve got.

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The same too you.

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"Atk" - the first tune in that set has been discussed here before. It’s "The Milky Way" - a composition of Vincent Broderick, posted here years ago. Strange that Aly Bain didn’t recognise it, as it was recorded by the "Boys Of The Lough" I would think over 30 years ago. However, the man plays so many tunes, he’s never going to be able to remember the names of them all. There are similarities right enough, but the first tune in that video is "The Milky Way" - not "Miss Monaghan". Neither is it "The Boys Of 25".

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Miss given

Give it a miss

Scottish pipe setting

The setting I posted above is for Scottish pipes. I heard it on the Tannahill Weavers recording. It’s not the standard session version.

Miss Monahan’s

I think I got this setting from Sean Potts.

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