King Billy’s March jig

Also known as Lord MacDonald’s March To Harlaw, Mac’s Fancy, MacDonald Of The Isles March To Harlaw.

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One setting

X: 1
T: King Billy's March
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
eAA BAA|eAA Bcd|eAA fed|BGG Bcd|eAA BAA|
eAA Bcd|faf gfe|1 dBG Bcd:|2 dBG BdB||
A3 ~a3|ged ~e3|A2A a2B|BAG BdB|A2A ~a3|
gef g2f|gba g2e|dBG Bcd:|

Eight comments

King Billy’s March

In honour of the "glorious" day and to be played as the title says rather than as a jig. As a northern fluter from the nationalist side I was at once attracted and repulsed by the title. One of the few tunes I ever took from notes since I never learned to read or write music. Keys and modes still don’t mean an awful lot to me.In fact, for my first two years of
playing keys were of no concern as there weren’t any accompanists around. Goes to show you can be a musician and still know sweet FA about music. It’s from "The Northern Fiddler", from Donegal fiddler of Simey Doherty, a nephew of John’s, but minus whatever fiddle ornamentation were in the original notation. Those who have the book can check for any mistakes or inaccuracies due to my musical.illiteracy. However, by using other 6/8 ABCs as models and knowing at least whatit should sound like when converted to midi, I have given it a go and here is the result.

Couldn’t say. I have never heard it played by anyone else, but those octave leaps in the second part have the stamp of the highland bagpipe on them. The Dohertys can note several players of both fiddle and highland pipes in their lineage.

I believe I do hear the skirlin’ of the pipes away over the hills… and after a few rounds of this tune and associated libations, I’ve no doubt King Billy would have us either marchin’ with him, or against ‘im… nice tewne.

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A version of Mac’s Fancy / Lord MacDonald’s March to Harlaw

This tune is a version of Mac’s Fancy (first tune on De Dannan’s Mist Covered Mountain album).
The original tune is Scottish tune (yes we heard the pipes skirlin’) Lord McDonald’s March to Harlaw.

Re: King Billy’s March

It’s a classic Scottish pipe tune. In the David Glen Collection (available online as part of the Ceol Sean collection of collections) under the title March of Donald Lord of the Isles to the Battle of Harlaw. Four parts. The version posted here is ok, but doesn’t capture the magnificence of tune. Great version recorded by the Whistlebinkies, with Rab Wallace on border pipes.