One recording of
The Grey Bob
Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall’ Shuileach

The Grey Bob (reel) is also known as Gray Bob.

Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall’ Shuileach (strathspey) is also known as A Mhàiri Mhìn Mheallshùileach Dhubh, Gentle Mary Of The Bewitching Black Eyes, Mhari Mhin Mhealshuileach Dhu, Mo Mhairi Mhin Mheall-Shuileach, Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall’Shuileach, My Gentle Winning Eyed Mary, My Sweet Mary With Beguiling Eyes.

The Dance Last Night by Howie MacDonald

  1. Charles Hardie
  2. Lord Blantyre
  3. My Gentle Winning Eyed Mary
  4. Cecily Ross
  5. Pretty Marion
  6. The Grey Bob