Fifty-two recordings of She Moved Through The Fair

Also known as Keayrt Dooyrt My Ghraih Veen Rhym, Moved Through The Fair, Our Wedding Day, She Moved Through The Faire, She Moves Through The Fair.

This tune has been recorded together with Dowd’s Favourite, Jenny Dang The Weaver, The Queen Of The Rushes, The Sligo Maid, Taladh Chriosd, The Tenpenny Bit.

  1. "And With That…." by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  2. A Rún by Goramahagat
  3. An Ambient Voyage To The Celtic Spirit by Various Artists
  4. Anarchy And Rapture by Annwn
  5. Between The Jigs And The Reels by Various Artists
  6. Blooming Bright Star by The Irish Descendants
  7. Carrig River by Shades Of MacMurrough
  8. Casualties Of Retail by Enter The Haggis
  9. Celtic Blaze by Stephanie Cadman
  10. Celtic Woman by Celtic Woman
  11. Celtomania (10 years later) by Various Artists
  12. Ceol As Corcaigh: Music from Cork by Chris Gray
  13. Chemins De Terre by Alan Stivell
  14. Cirilli & Metodico by Mc & O’
  15. Dance of the Fairies by Susan Mashiyama
  16. Dream Of You by Sharon Corr
  17. Dreams of Ireland by Nick Metcalf
  18. Fiona by Patrick Ball
  19. From The Heart by Ian Sherwood,Gordon Duncan And Hudson Swan
  20. Golden Bough by Golden Bough
  21. Greenwood Side by Lothlorien
  22. I Sang Through The Fairs by Margaret Barry
  23. In Ireland by James Galway And The Chieftains
  24. Irish Cream by Irish Cream
  25. Irish Heartbeat by Van Morrison and The Chieftains
  26. Irish Music In London Pubs by Various Artists
  27. Irish Piano Classics by J.J. Sheridan
  28. Live by O’Malley’s March
  29. Lord Of The Dance by Michael Flatley and Ronan Hardiman
  30. Lord Of The Dance by Various Artists
  31. Mortal Daze by Shenanigan
  32. Musical Ireland by Derek Bell
  33. My Lagan Love by Anne-Marie O’Farrell
  34. Passion And Pride by Annwn
  35. Prince Of Pipers by Finbar Furey
  36. Scarborough Fair - Songs From The British Isles by Bryn Terfel
  37. Second Season by Smitty’s Kitchen
  38. Seven Years After by Sirkus
  39. Sheear by Ruth Keggin
  40. Silver and Wood by Jacquelyn Hynes
  41. The Ancient Voice Of Ireland by Mick O’Brien
  42. The Burning West Indies by Meg Davis
  43. The Celtic Minstrel by James Galway with The Chieftains
  44. The Clearing by Dréos
  45. The Crooked Road by Carnloch
  46. The Jig’s Up by Anne-Marie O’Farrell
  47. Tuesday Nights @ 39A by Arundo
  48. Urban Celtic by Urban Celtic
  49. Wet Your Whistle by Wet Your Whistle
  50. Wood And Stones by Rockin’ Ceilidh Duo
  51. World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. 2, Ireland by Various Artists
  52. You’re Standing In My Light by Donnybrook and Friends