Three recordings of
The Golden Stud
The Morning Dew

The Golden Stud (reel) is also known as Box Reel #2, Floating Candle, The Gold Stud, Reel Of Slurs.

The Morning Dew (reel) is also known as Drúcht Na Maidne, Giorria Sa BhFraoch, The Hare Among The Heather, The Hare In The Heather, Sundew.

Light In The Western Sky by Stockton's Wing

  1. The Basket Of Turf
  2. The Golden Stud
  3. The Morning Dew

Raw and Ríl by Socks in the Frying Pan

  1. The Morning Dew
  2. The Templehouse
  3. Box Reel No.2
  4. Larry’s Favourite
  5. Tom Ward’s Downfall

Warts 'n' All by Black Sheep

  1. Tommy Peoples
  2. Golden Stud
  3. Morning Dew