Moon Over Friday Harbor hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Moon Over Friday Harbor
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:g|fdBc dBBg|fdBc dGGg|fdBA GABd|ABce g2fe|
fbbf aggf|efgag2fg|fdBe cAFA|(3GBd ce dBB:|
|:c|dAeA gffd|ecAE G2Fg|fdBA GABd|ABce g2fe|
fbbf aggf|eA(3fga g2fg|fdBe cAFA|(3GBd ce dBB:|
|:c|dBfB gBfB|cada eaca|bgdg aece|fdBc dGGc|
dBfB gBfd|eA (3efg g2fg|fdBe cAFA|(3GBd ce dBB:|

Five comments

Moon Over Friday Harbor

Any information to go with this tune? Who wrote it? Does it have a connection to the Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp in Washington, USA?



actually, I wrote it, at this year’s camp, while sitting on the steps of the dorms that look out over the harbor, just as the sun was setting. The moon was rising at the same time, and venus nd a couple of stars were shining brightly- I was feeling a little sad- camp was ending- I was ready to go home, missed my sweetheart and my dog fiercely, and absolutely wanted to stay there and have the camp go on forever.


forgot- oops
Trish O’Neil

Nice tune Trish!

Personnally this is how I would go about it (simplify!):
i)Play the first line twice, using the last bar of the second line for the repeat.
ii)Play the second line twice (as the second part of the tune) using the last bar of the first line the 1st time round.
iii)Play lines 5 and 6 as a third part
and leave thishere tune’s second part out altogether.

…or leave it til the end