Jim Ward’s jig

Also known as Jimmy Ward’s.

There are 23 recordings of this tune.

This tune has been recorded together with The Donegal Lass (a few times), The Old Favourite (a few times), Sliabh Russell (a few times) and Strop The Razor (a few times).

Jim Ward’s appears in 1 other tune collection.

Jim Ward’s has been added to 11 tune sets.

Jim Ward's has been added to 142 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jim Ward's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
ed|cAA ABA|dcd e3|Aee efg|BGB dcB|
cAA ABA|dcd eee|Aee dee|AAA Aed|
cAA ABA|dcd eee|Aee efg|BGB dcB|
cAA ABA|dcd ~e3|A2 e d2 e|~A3 Afg||
agf gfe|fed ~e3|def ~g3|zfg agf|
gfe fed|~e3 Aee|dee Afg|
agf gfe|fed ~e3|def ~g3|gfg agf|
gfe fed|~e3 A2 e|d2 e ~A3||

Nine comments

Jim Wards #1

Learned this from the bouzouki playing of Ciarán Curran from the Album Runaway Sunday. This was the first tune in a set of two that is called Ciarán’s Capers, both learned from Jim Ward.

It has a nice sprightly feel to it, quite caperish.

I’ll have the next one up soon.

Ciaran’s Capers

Does anybody know what the name of the second tune was?

Jim Ward´s Jig

This is the more common jig known by this name:

X: 1
T:Jim Ward’s
F:http://music.gordfisch.net/tradmusic/pub/cache/Jim_Wards_a07e3b.abc 2007-12-24 13:10:52 UT
G3 GAB | AGE GAB | cBA BGE |1 DED D :|2 DED D2 |:
B | cBA BAG | A3 AGE | cBA BGE | DED D2B |
cBA BAG | A3 ABc | dcB AGE |1 GED D2 :|2 GED D |]

Cormac, as far as I know, the second tune is also just "Jim Ward’s". All that Durran has said was they were learnt from the eponymous bloke himself.

Ciaran’s Capers - Altan - 2nd Tune

Just curious if the second tune played on this track was ever posted to this site? There seem to be a few tunes called only "Jim Ward’s" - if the second tune they play on the track referenced by Pádraig above is indeed on this site, could someone kindly direct me to it.


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A version of this tune - the first tune in the "Ciaran’s Capers" selection - has just been posted by "zoronic". He found it played by a Scottish accordion player with the title "Athernie Lodge" :


"Ciaran’s Capers" is the title for the CD of the medley of 2 tunes, not necessarily the original title of either. I’m sure I’ve heard the 2nd as well, and I would think that both of these tunes are much older than Ciaran, or indeed , Jim Ward who was Ciaran’s source.

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Gets more complicated…

A flute player - who is also a Highland piper - at our session last Monday asked me if I knew the 6/8 march "Auld Adam", and played the beginning of it - it is nearly identical to this tune. I have a pipe band recording of it somewhere, which I’d have to look for, but I had a listen to snippets of it played on "iTunes" on 3 different recordings. The original has 4 parts, and Ciaran Curran’s version is changed a bit, but I’ve no doubt that it’s the tune he [ half ] recorded with "Altan". So where the title of "Athernie Lodge" came from, apart from being posted under that title on "Youtube", I don’t know. "Athernie Lodge" is listed on 5 recordings here - it would be interesting if someone could have a listen and check.

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… there are several mistakes in the "abcs" posted here by "Padraig".

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Re: Jim Ward’s

In the posting by "Padraig" there is a bar missing in the 2nd part.
I believe the 4th bar should be same/similar as 4th bar in the 1st part

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