Jim Ward’s jig

Also known as Jimmy Ward’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jim Ward's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
ed|cAA ABA|dcd e3|Aee efg|BGB dcB|
cAA ABA|dcd eee|Aee dee|AAA Aed|
cAA ABA|dcd eee|Aee efg|BGB dcB|
cAA ABA|dcd ~e3|A2 e d2 e|~A3 Afg||
agf gfe|fed ~e3|def ~g3|zfg agf|
gfe fed|~e3 Aee|dee Afg|
agf gfe|fed ~e3|def ~g3|gfg agf|
gfe fed|~e3 A2 e|d2 e ~A3||

Nine comments

Jim Wards #1

Learned this from the bouzouki playing of Ciarán Curran from the Album Runaway Sunday. This was the first tune in a set of two that is called Ciarán’s Capers, both learned from Jim Ward.

It has a nice sprightly feel to it, quite caperish.

I’ll have the next one up soon.

Ciaran’s Capers

Does anybody know what the name of the second tune was?

Jim Ward´s Jig

This is the more common jig known by this name:

X: 1
T:Jim Ward’s
F:http://music.gordfisch.net/tradmusic/pub/cache/Jim_Wards_a07e3b.abc 2007-12-24 13:10:52 UT
G3 GAB | AGE GAB | cBA BGE |1 DED D :|2 DED D2 |:
B | cBA BAG | A3 AGE | cBA BGE | DED D2B |
cBA BAG | A3 ABc | dcB AGE |1 GED D2 :|2 GED D |]

Cormac, as far as I know, the second tune is also just “Jim Ward’s”. All that Durran has said was they were learnt from the eponymous bloke himself.

Ciaran’s Capers - Altan - 2nd Tune

Just curious if the second tune played on this track was ever posted to this site? There seem to be a few tunes called only “Jim Ward’s” - if the second tune they play on the track referenced by Pádraig above is indeed on this site, could someone kindly direct me to it.


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A version of this tune - the first tune in the “Ciaran’s Capers” selection - has just been posted by “zoronic”. He found it played by a Scottish accordion player with the title “Athernie Lodge” :


“Ciaran’s Capers” is the title for the CD of the medley of 2 tunes, not necessarily the original title of either. I’m sure I’ve heard the 2nd as well, and I would think that both of these tunes are much older than Ciaran, or indeed , Jim Ward who was Ciaran’s source.

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Gets more complicated…

A flute player - who is also a Highland piper - at our session last Monday asked me if I knew the 6/8 march “Auld Adam”, and played the beginning of it - it is nearly identical to this tune. I have a pipe band recording of it somewhere, which I’d have to look for, but I had a listen to snippets of it played on “iTunes” on 3 different recordings. The original has 4 parts, and Ciaran Curran’s version is changed a bit, but I’ve no doubt that it’s the tune he [ half ] recorded with “Altan”. So where the title of “Athernie Lodge” came from, apart from being posted under that title on “Youtube”, I don’t know. “Athernie Lodge” is listed on 5 recordings here - it would be interesting if someone could have a listen and check.

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… there are several mistakes in the “abcs” posted here by “Padraig”.

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Re: Jim Ward’s

In the posting by “Padraig” there is a bar missing in the 2nd part.
I believe the 4th bar should be same/similar as 4th bar in the 1st part

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