The Mad Magician slip jig

Also known as The Bunbeg Slip Slide.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mad Magician
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F~D2 E~D2 FGA|F~D2 E~D2 B,DA,|F~D2 E~D2 FGA|cBA BAF GFE:|
|:~F3 FGA c3|dcA BAF GFE|~F3 FGA E3| FED EDB, DB,A,:|
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The Mad Magician

This is a tune I wrote, it goes with another tune which is a Slide called the Mad Magicians Daughter. When they are together they go under one title ‘The Bunbeg Slip Slide’. I started writing this tune in Bunbeg a few years ago during the Frankie Kennedy Winter School, it was very icy and snowy so people were slipping and sliding all over the place!

I’ve since written a song called the Mad Magician with lyrics by a poet friend of mine Pádraic O’Beirn and this tune now goes with it in the middle of the song, with the first half used occasionally in other parts of the song. Then at the end of the song the slide is put in. I’ll put the slide up as soon as I am sure I’ve got this ABC thing right!

It is my first time trying ABC, so I’ll only know if I got the notation right when the sheet music goes up.

So I hope some of you like the tune. It is quite simple so it is quick to learn, so who knows maybe we’ll meet someday and I can sing the song and you can play the tune with me!!

Before anyone asks, there are no C naturals in this tune, the C# may sound a little strange at first, but it is meant to be like that. Also, I sometimes play this in A so please feel free to play it in A or any other major key for that matter.



p.s. I’ll start submitting regular tunes as soon as I’m sure I’m notating this stuff right

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well I got most of it right, one little mistake which I’ve now changed in the ABC so hopefully the sheetmusic will change too soon

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By the way, I should add that this tune really benefits from some nice accompaniment using Maj7th chords in the right places. I accompany it in Open G guitar tuning with Capo on the 7th fret. Am not going to go into the chords because I like to leave tunes to be open to interpretation, but by God if I ever play this in a seisiún and some fecker plays the wrong chords, I’ll kill him I tell you I’LL MURDER THE BASTARD!!!

Just kidding, I promise 🙂

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It sounds good with a c natural in the second part too.

The Mad Magician

"one little mistake"
Presumably you’re referring to the last three notes of the 2nd bar of the A-part? Unfortunately, once the sheet music has come up on screen from the first ABC version it is forever set in stone, and it’s practically unheard of for it to be altered to reflect later changes in the ABC. So I’m afraid we’re stuck with it 🙁