Three recordings of
The Home Ruler

Cronin’s (hornpipe) is also known as Changing Your Demeanor, Changing Your Demeanour, Denis Murphy’s, Liam Murphy’s, Murphy’s, O’Callaghan’s, Paddy Cronin’s.

The Home Ruler (hornpipe) is also known as Daniel O’Connell - The Home Ruler, Frank McCallum’s, Frank McCallum’s Mrs. - The Home Ruler, The Hangman’s Noose, The Homeruler, McCollum’s.

áthas by áthas

  1. Home Ruler
  2. Cronin’s

Music for Set Dancing Volume II by Johnny Reidy & The Sliabh Luachra Ceili Band

  1. The Home Ruler
  2. Cronin’s
  3. Rickett’s

My Love Is In America by Shaskeen

  1. Cronin’s
  2. The Home Ruler