Two recordings of
The Corner House
The Maid Behind The Bar

The Corner House (reel) is also known as An Teach Ar An GCoirnéal, The Cornerhouse, Paddy Kelly’s.

The Maid Behind The Bar (reel) is also known as The Barmaid, Freastalaí Laistiar Cuntar, Freastalaí Laistiar ḍen ǥCuntar, The Haymaker, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar, Little Judy, Little Judy’s, New York.

Ar Aon Bhuille/Marching Beats by Antóin Mac Gabhann and Hilda Chiasson

  1. Fisherman’s Island
  2. The Corner House
  3. The Maid Behind The Bar

New Irish Harmonica by Brendan Power

  1. Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself
  2. The Maid Behind The Bar
  3. The Corner House