Wee Kerry’s Welcome To The Dene jig

Also known as Kerry’s Welcome To The Dene.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Wee Kerry's Welcome To The Dene
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:ag|f3 fga|Add def|g2 B Bed|cba gec|
d2 a fga|Add ded|cAa gec|d3- d:|
|:ag|f3 Adf|gec ege|c3 Ace|afe dag|
f3 Adf|gee e2 d|Aca gec|d3- d:|
|:ag|f2 A fdd|gBB B2 d|cde ABc|dfa ABc|
d2 A fed|gBB e2 d|cAa gec|d3- d:|
za|faf dfd|gBB B2 g|cde Abc|dfa ABc|
daf dfd|gBB Bed|cAa cea|d3- dag|
faf dfd|gBB B2 g|ege cea|baa a2 g|
faf dfd|Bef ged|cAa gec|d3- d2||
X: 2
T: Wee Kerry's Welcome To The Dene
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A/d/|f3 f>ga|A>dd d>ef|g2 B B>ed|c>BA g>ec|
f2 A f>ga|A>dd d2 e|c<Aa g>ec|d3 d2:|
|:a/g/|f3 A>df|g>ee e>ge|c3 A>ce|A>fe d>ag|
f3 A>df|g>ee e2 c|c<Aa g>ec|d3 d2:|
|:A/d/|f3 f>dd|G>BB B2 d|c>de A>Bc|d>fa g>fe|
f>Ad f>ed|G>BB B2 d|c<Aa g>ec|d3 d2:|
|:a|f<af d>fd|G>BB B2 g|e<ge c>ea|B>AA A2 a|
[1 f<af d>fd|G>BB B>ed|c<Aa g>ec|d3 d2:|
[2 f<af d>fd|B>ef g>ed|c<Aa g>ec|d3- d2||

Twelve comments

"Wee Kerry’s Welcome to the Dene" ~ quickstep by Willy Taylor

This is another great tune by Willy Taylor inspired by the birth of his granddaughter ‘Kerry’…

I love every tune I’ve ever heard of his, this one included. I’ve given it first ‘straight’, but the pervailing feel for each beat of three notes ( ‘N’ ) for this quickstep is | N>NN N>NN |, as predominates the second take on it… I also like to use a jig ‘snap’ in it too, or N*NN…

* = the less than sign, or ‘SNAP!’, which doesn’t work in the ‘yellow’ here as the software reads it as an HTML command and deletes everything after it intil you add ‘>’…

Willy Taylor

I don’t have a recording of Willy playing this but first learned it from his playing. ‘Dow / Mark’ has a recording and has ‘promised’ to transcribe it direct and add it to the ‘Comments’ later…

This is the one I screwed the spelling up on when having difficulty reading me own scrawl / shorthand - taking it as the name for the ‘march’ rendition of another of Willy Taylor’s grea tunes ~ "The Pearl Wedding", my misspelling being ~ "Wee Carrie’s Welcome to the Dean", duh!? It’s a great tune however you spell it…

Here are just a few more of the man’s superb works:

Farewell to the Dene

The Pearl Wedding

Shirley’s Reel

Tich’s Reel

Snowy Monday

Willy Taylor’s Polka

The Shining Pool Hornpipe

More Willies

I have just added The Roman Wall jig by Willie, and we mustn’t forget The Lemonville Jig, allegedly Canadian, but Northumbrianised and popularised by Willie.

Wee Kerry / Carrie

I know this as "Kerry’s welcome to the dene" . The "Wee" bit coms as a bit of a twee shock. Is it the proper tile or a later addition.

I’d never heard the wee either…

Wee kerry’s Welcome to the Dene

I know it as Wee Kerry’s Welcome etc direct from Willy, Kerry’s daddy Neil, and also Aly Anderson.

When we played it we all called it Wee Kerry’s Welcome!

Willy was one of my favourite musicians when I was playing in the North East.