Two recordings of
Mrs. Kinney’s
Peach Blossoms

Mrs. Kinney’s (waltz) is also known as Men O’ The West, Men Of The West, Miss Kenny’s, Mrs Kenny’s, Mrs. Crotty’s, Mrs. Kelly’s Chickens, Mrs. Kenny’s, The Speakin’, Speaking, The Speaking.

Peach Blossoms (barndance) is also known as Donegal Barn Dance, The Donegal Barn Dance, Flowers Of Love, The Flowers Of Love, Peach Blossom, The Peach Blossom, The Peach Blossoms.

3 Way Street by Mick Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell, Seamus Egan

  1. Mrs Kenny’s
  2. The Donegal Barn Dance

Music Of North Connacht by Innisfree Céilí Band

  1. Peach Blossoms
  2. Mrs. Kenny’s