Four recordings of Ladies Step Up To Tea

Also known as Ladie’s Step Up To Tea, Ladies Step Up To Tea!, Ladies Will Ye Come Down To Tea?, Ladies, Step Up To Tea!, Seo Libh, A Mhná, Chun Tae, Seo Libh, A Mhna, Chun Tae!.

This tune has been recorded together with A Stor Mo Chroi, The Chapel Bell, The Chicago, Highway To Kilkenny, John Brosnan’s, Padraig O’Keefe’s, The Piper On Horseback, The Stack Of Rye, The Trip To Yorkshire.

  1. By Night And By Day by The London Lasses And Pete Quinn
  2. Edge of the Bow by Seán Heely
  3. Hills And Hollows by Mary And Josie Nugent
  4. Redwood by Lúnasa