The House On The Hill reel

Also known as Little House On The Hill, The Little House On The Hill, Little House Under The Hill, The Little House Under The Hill.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The House On The Hill
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
AB|cE~E2 c2cB|Acec BcAB|cE~E2 c2c2B|Acec B2 AB|
cE~E2 c2cB|Acec BcAB|cE~E2 c2c2B|Acec B2||
cd|ec (3ccc ecac|d~B3 Bcdf|ec (3ccc ecac|dBGB A2cd|
e2ef ec (3ccc|dB (3BBB Bcdf|ec (3ccc ecac|dBGB A2||

Four comments

I first heard this tune from Bob Drouin a fiddle player in Rhode Island, who in turn learned it from Jimmy Devine (ex-yonker-ite turned Vhode Islandah(and quite a big cheese in fiddle circles)) it’s a new(er) tune but no one can remember who wrote it. It’s a solid tune & the rhythmic variations are pretty fun to boot.

Abc transcription bugs

in bar 3 and 7 there are too many notes : | cE~E2 c2c2B |

better is | cE~E2 c2 cB | and that’s the way at least the ‘House Band’ is playing it.

Very nice tune, indeed. I think I have to transform it to ‘D’ so I can play it with my A Overton low whistle.

Joe Thoma’s composition

According to “House Band” sleeve notes, this reel was composed by Joe Thoma, a fiddle player last heard of in Kenmare.

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Nice as a 2 part reel (exit middle section)