Twenty-two recordings of The House On The Hill

Also known as Little House On The Hill, The Little House On The Hill, Little House Under The Hill, The Little House Under The Hill.

This tune has been recorded together with Big Red (a few times), Down The Meadow (a few times), King Of The Pipers (a few times), Leading Role (a few times), The Banks Of Lough Gowna, The Broadstone Inn, Cnoc Na GClarac, Falcon Bigney, Finlay’s Delight, Forget Me Not, The Jewels Of The Ocean, John Brain’s, The Killavil, Kinnon Beaton, The Man Of The House, Molly Bán, Mulqueeney’s, The Other High, Patsy Hanley’s, PJ McComiskey’s, Sarah Kelly’s Delight, The Trip To Herve’s.

  1. About Time by Stevie Dunne
  2. Boxty by Boxty
  3. Bright Early Mornings by Mary Staunton
  4. Celtic Groove Brand by The Sevens
  5. Celtic Road by Sláinte
  6. Crystal Clear by Jerry Holland
  7. Féileacán na Saoirse by Anna Falkenau
  8. In the Window by Ethan Hazzard-Watkins
  9. Irish Dances / Danses Irlandaises by Various Artists
  10. Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney by Various Artists
  11. Riptide by Anam
  12. Rockall by The House Band
  13. Sheridan’s Guest House by Dave Sheridan & Company
  14. Street Life by Patrick Street
  15. Tasty Touches CD 2 by Martin Donohoe
  16. The Leipzig Sessions by Murray and Falkenau
  17. The Leitrim Cake by Joe ‘Lacky’ Gallagher
  18. The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1 by John McKenna
  19. The New Harp by William Jackson
  20. The Westmeath Hunt by William Mullaly
  21. Traditional Irish Music On Button Accordion by Patty Furlong
  22. Two Miles To Tulla by Larry Gavin, Micheál O’Rourke And Charlie Lennon