New Christmas reel

Also known as The Bass, The New Christmas.

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One setting

X: 1
T: New Christmas
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
c|B2 GB dgdB|g2 b/a/g aAAc|B2 GB dgdB|cAdB G/G/G G:|
D|B,/A,/G, DG, EG,DG,|B,/A,/G, DG, EA,A,D|B,/A,/G, DG, EG,DG,|EGFA GG,G,D|
B,/A,/G, DG, EG,DG,|B,/A,/G, DG, EA,A,D|B,/A,/G, DG, EG,DG,|E/F/G F/G/A GG,G,||

Four comments

Skye Collection, w00t w00t.

Page 82… Top tune.

Well, looks like it could go with Christmas Eve since it’s in G.. Heeeey, let’s try that out…



I get incredibly bored with these kinds of tunes. The second part reads like those musical excercises that were good for you but bored you silly.

The second part is a really typical figure in dozens of tunes - nothing ‘exercisey’ about it at all.

I’d suspect though that this is more of a slow strathspey-type reel rather than the modern type. Most of the ones in 18th and 19th collections don’t work well at a quick tempo.

the second part is great : lineal harmony. Very common in baroque pieces and irish music.