Leo Ginley’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Leo Ginley's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B|dB (3BcB GBdB|c2dc Bgfe|dB (3BcB GBdB|(3ABA GA BGGB|
dB (3BcB GBdB|c2dc Bgfe|dB (3BcB GBdB|1 (3ABA GA BG G:|2 (3ABA GA BGG2||
|:gfgd BGBd|g2dg faaf|gfgd (3Bcd Bd|cAFA BGGB|
gfgd BGBd|g2fg faaf|gfgd BcdB|1 (3ABA GA BGGz:|2 (3ABA GA BGG||

Two comments

Leo Ginley’s

Transcribed for Leo Ginley Junior from Josephine Keegan’s "A Drop In The Ocean". Note that where most transcriptions would feature rolls, Keegan notates triplets. This is a feature of almost all of her transcriptions.

Leo wrote to me recently asking of anyone knew his father’s playing first hand. My few discrete enquiries have drawn a blank so far. However if anyone has any info, perhaps by posting this tune, I might be able to jog a few memories.


Leo Ginley

I knew Leo very well and he gave me a lot of tunes.one of which I submitted here some time ago `Thomond Bridge`and I credited him with the version in my submission.I have a lot of tunes which were written out for me by leo and a lot of recordings ,including a tribute to him which I broadcasted in the early ninties,when I had a weekly program on a local radio station in Belfast.He was the best sight-reader of Irish music I ever met.One afternoon he recorded the whole Ed.Reavy collection straight from the book onto a tape for me-at top speed!.I may have sent his son Leo a recording at one time.

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