Nineteen recordings of The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman

Also known as Carrick’s Rant.

This tune has been recorded together with The Auld Wheel (a few times), The Iron Man (a few times), Petronella (a few times), Pretty Peg (a few times), AJ’s, Allie Crocker’s, Auld Toon O’Ayr, Barrowburn, Cameron’s Got His Wife Again, Clach Na Cudain, Come Again You’re Welcome, Cuttie’s Wedding, Dan R.’s Favourite, Dr. Angus & Emily MacDonald’s Trip To San Francisco, Dr. Shaw, Earl Gray, Edgefauld House, The Fairy Dance, Fiddler’s Cramp, The Fire Hose, Fleur De Mandragore, The Forth Bridge, Frank’s, Gillan’s, Islay Rant, The J.B., Lady Elizabeth Cole’s Reel, The Marquis Of Huntley, Miss Stephanie Marie MacLean, Mrs Agnes Ritchie, Rob Roy MacGregor, Saint Anne’s, Sands O’ Murness, Sleepy Maggie, Stirling Castle, The Trip To Kinvara, Wedderburn House.

  1. Birlin’ Fiddles by Jennifer Wrigley, Alan Henderson, Julia Legge and Sandy Wright
  2. Braes Of Lochiel by Billy Ross And John Martin
  3. Carriages At Midnight by Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt
  4. Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the Thirties by The Cameron Men
  5. Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven
  6. Highly Strung by Alistair McCulloch
  7. Jumping Ahead by Harriet Earis
  8. Just As It Was 1 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  9. Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle Vol. 1 by Alasdair Fraser And Paul Machlis
  10. Orkney: Traditional Dance Music From Orkney by Various Artists
  11. Return Ticket by The Sarah Burnell Band
  12. Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles Gold by Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles
  13. Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island by Joseph Cormier
  14. Springwell by Kevin Macleod And Alec Finn
  15. Staying In Tune by Dougie MacDonald
  16. The Dances Down Home by Joe Cormier
  17. The Given Note by Liam O’Flynn
  18. Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 4 Mackinnon’s Brook by Various Artists
  19. WhY2Keilidh by Howie MacDonald