Reel Du Maringouin reel

Also known as The Virginia Reel.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Reel Du Maringouin
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ac|:"D"dfaf "G"gfed|"A"cdef edcB|AGFD "Em"E2EE|
E2ef "A"edcB|AFGA "G"BABc|d2cB "A"Acdf|edcd efg2|
"Em"fgag "A7"bgec|1 "D"d2d4c2:|2 "D"d2d4A2-||
ddcB A2"G"g2|"Em"fgag "A7"bgec|1 "D"d2d4A2-:|2 "D"d2d6||

Five comments

The Virginia Reel

This is a tune I found at:
It was entitled the “Virginia Reel” (French Canadian fiddler A.J. Boulay). This tune has an extra couple of bars in it (true to Quebecois tradition). During a session, where I was passing it on to my friends, we were inundated by swarms of the local “provincial” bird: The infamous Manitoba mosquito! We immediately renamed it (in Quebecois fashion), “le reel du maringuoin”; “the reel of the mosquito”.
Add a little left-hand plucking (and appropriate slaps to the guitar/mandolin/bass body), and you can have yourself a good time!

P.S. We added the hand-slaps for effect on the beat after the plucks like this:

melody (pt B): |: A2FA DAFA | DAFA A2Bc |
pluck (open D): * * *
slap: || || ||

Okay, that didn’t work.

Basically, on the “D”s and on the “A2” I pluck open D, while the slaps happen on the proceeding “F”s and the “B”

Hope that makes sense…

Re: Reel Du Maringouin

This sounds like a very crooked version of Durang’s Hornpipe to me.