Cobblestones reel

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X: 1
T: Cobblestones
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A,EDB, CA, (3A,A,A, | ED (3EFG A2GE | DB, (3B,B,B, GB, (3B,B,B, | G,B,DG EDB,G, |
A,EDB, CA, (3A,A,A, | ED (3EFG ABcd | eaed caec | [1 Bbec A2A2 :| [2 Bbec A2^GB ||
|: Aaed cAAc | dBcA BdcA | ^GE (3EEE FdAF | EF^GB Acef |
g2Bg gfef | gafa (3gbg ed | cAA^g aefd | [1 Bbec A2^GB :| [2 Bbec A2A2 ||
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I wrote this reel after returning home from Dublin; a friend and I went to see Dervish play the Olympia theatre and we ended up in the lovely Cobblestones pub one afternoon with Paul O Shaughnessy and Harry Bradley. Paul has taught me several times at the Frankie Kennedy winter school and is one of my favourite fiddle players.

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What did you write this on?

Did you write this tune on Fiddle or your pipes?


Great *fiddle* tune.

I know Paul is a great joker though he looks very scary while playing fiddle. I miss both Paul and Harry and hope to see them again in Cobblestones before they forget me.

Nice tune Lizzy, it’s reminiscent of two of my favorite tunes: Paddy O’Brien’s "The Nervous Man," and Sean Ryan’s "Bill McEvoy’s #1."

Thanks for the comments - Sam, I wrote it on the fiddle.
Paul is such an amazing player! His and Harry’s new album is definately worth buying. If I’ve learnt one thing from him it’s to use my fourth finger for ornaments - when he does it, it sounds great, almost like he’s plucking the strings at the same time!

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p.s. Liz Doherty and I played Cobblestones at Burwell this summer and she comments that she likes it very much and is still playing it…which is a great compliment from such a fantastic fiddler!

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wel… duh!!!!

sorry lizzy i should have known that you coundn’t play this on pipes…. seeing as I didn’t start playing them till recently i think i’ll let myself off…………

flamin fiddler - you’re forgiven, of course ;) How’s the music around your area? My cousins live in Somerset and one of them is planning on going to Uni in Bath next year 🙂 Lx

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thanks for the kind words what?!!? - let me know how you got on!!

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