Twenty recordings of a tune named
Pachelbel’s Frolics

Also known as Based On Canon And Gigue For Three Violins (c. 1700) By Johann Pachelbel, Canon, The Canon, Eileen Ivers’, Kohler’s, Kohler’s Hornpipe, Layboum’s, Laybourn’s, P Joe’s Pecurious Pachelbel Special, P.J.’s Pecurious Pachelbel Special, Pachabel’s Frolics, Pachelbel’s, Pachelbel’s Hornpipe, The Savage Hornpipe.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Frank’s (a few times), The Bird’s Nest, Bonnie Kate, Carolan’s Concerto, Come Again You’re Welcome, The Congress, Donald’s Rant, The Donegal Traveller, The Exile Of Erin, The Fife Hunt, Fitzgerald’s, Ger The Rigger, The Holly Bush, The Humours Of Tulla, The Humours Of Westport, Itchy Fingers, Jenny’s Chickens, Kate And Rose’s, Kilnamona, The Maids Of Castlebar, The Mason’s Apron, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, The Old Blackthorn, Paddy Fahey’s, The Pitnacree Ferryman, Pórt Na BPúcaí, Rakish Paddy, Roslin Castle, The Ships In Full Sail, The Silver Spear, The Spicy, The Stage, The Street Player, The Western, Within A Mile Of Dublin, The Woman Of The House.

  1. Alana & Leigh Cline by Alana & Leigh Cline
  2. Citternalia by Joseph Sobol
  3. Drawn To The Flame by John and Kevin Byrne
  4. Eileen Ivers by Eileen Ivers
  5. Itchy Fingers by Rowan Leslie
  6. Live In Seattle by Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill
  7. Live-Disc 2 by Natalie MacMaster
  8. Off Da Wall by Ril Óg
  9. Reeltime by Reeltime
  10. Small Towns In Built Up Areas by Shane Hayes
  11. So Far by Eileen Ivers
  12. Socks in the Frying Pan by Socks in the Frying Pan
  13. Stanley And Grimm by Stanley And Grimm
  14. Stanley And Grimm, Another Round by Stanley And Grimm
  15. Steam by John Williams
  16. Stonemason’s Daughter by Kierah
  17. The Adventures Of Wing Commander Pancake by Trasnú
  18. Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island by Natalie MacMaster And Buddy MacMaster
  19. Wired Up by Alistair McCulloch
  20. With Every Breath by John Wynne