The Sheep Under The Snow waltz

Also known as Ny Kiree Fo Niaghtey, Ny Kirree Fo Sniaghtey.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sheep Under The Snow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
Bc|d2 F2 FE|F2 A2 BA|F2 f2 fe|f4 fg|
a2 g2 af|fe c2 Ac|BA FE FA|B4 Bc|
de f2 df|ec A2 Bc|d2 e2 fg|a4 Bc|
de f2 df|ec A2 dc|BA FE FA|B4z2|

Six comments

Sheep under the Snow

Okay. This is my first attempt. Took me long enough to find out how to get the vertical line, but I think it’s okay. Couldn’t figure out how to do dotted rhythms, but that’s just being picky.

The Manx name for this tune is ‘Ny Kirree f’on Niaghtey’. It’s not a waltz, but I couldn’t find slow air in the list, so waltz had to do (shock) because it’s in 3/4. It’s a slow air about a farming accident years ago where all these poor little sheep got buried alive under the snow and perished (hankies ready). Sounds best on fiddle or whistle, but there are also words to it - in fact I think it’s originally a song - one of those ones with loads of verses.

Hope I got it right anyway!

Nice tune, especially on the low D whistle….thanks.


I meant to say - it’s usual for the quavers to be dotted quaver/semi quaver rather than two equal quavers - this is how it’s normally played over here.

Thanks to Will for the help!

Interesting recording

This tune also appears on Robin Williamson’s album “Winters Turning” played on what sounds like a full blown pipe organ. He leads it into an unnamed Welsh Morris dance in 3/4 or maybe 3/2 time -unusual for a Morris- played relatively softly on harp. Strangely the overall set works quite well even though the melody of “Sheep” is somewhat lost in the huge sound of the organ.

Also recorded by a Dublin group, whose name escapes me just now!